Growing Families Wanted!

Jolie is growing!

I am looking to add all things baby to my portfolio! Now through May, we are searching for maternity, newborns, and babies for free sessions while I perfect the art! Below you will find descriptions of the kinds of shoots I am offering for no cost! Feel free to shoot me an email if you do not see what you had in mind.

Maternity: Embrace your bump! Pregnancy is a very special time that you will want to look back and remember. A 1-hour time slot with 30-45 dedicated shooting time is what you will get with this so we can go slow! Add your significant other or any other kiddos.

All bumps are beautiful, but maternity shoots work best when in the third trimester of your pregnancy (because the second trimester is just the worst anyway…at least for me).

Newborn: There is nothing like the newborn stage of your baby’s life! It’s true what they say…blink, and you’ll miss them being so tiny.

The best time to take newborn pictures are 10 days to 2 weeks. After the 2 week mark, they hit a growth spurt and stop those sweet curling positions that mimic being in the womb.

I’m looking to do a couple of “poses” with your baby — in a basket, on the tummy — in addition to shots with the glowing new parents (zero hours of sleep look fabulous on film).

These sessions typically take longer because we will work around the boss baby!

Milestone Baby: It’s so fun to watch your baby grow and change so much over the course of a year. Milestone shoots are meant to capture major developmental touchstones such as pushing up, sitting, smiling, and standing that are achieved from one month of age to 12 months!

I open to your own vision with these! Do you want a mommy-and-me to capture those sweet four-month-old smiles? Do you want a backyard shoot as baby sits and plays at seven-months-old? What about a smash cake to commemorate 12 months of Elmo sing-alongs?

Let’s chat about how to make your vision come true!

Hope you see something that interests you!